Thursday, April 8, 2010

Samples of your Wedding Memories... {Mt Isa Wedding Photographer, QLD}

Just thought I'd share a sneak peek into Jess & Sean's wedding album (with their permission of course).

If it were possible for Jess to look more beautiful than on the day then this is the only way, mounted on a black background with flourishes as gorgeous as she is and on the arm of the most handsome man she's laid her eyes on...

Page1 copy

Page2 copy

Page3 copy

Page4 copy

Page5 copy

Page6 copy

All artwork is done by very talented Rowena at Willro&Co

and she takes some pretty amazing photos too in case you're down near the NSW Coastline :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Capturing little personalities...{Mt Isa Children & Family Photographer, QLD}

When I get my camera out for any little person (or big person for that matter) my aim is the same, to capture that essence that makes that makes that person THAT person. This is sometimes easier said than done but when i capture it it's perfect!

LilyLemons copy

(Storyboard artwork done by the very talented Rowena from Willro&Co of course)