Sunday, June 27, 2010

Blog's new home

Yes I've finally made the change to so go and check it out here and don't forget to bookmark it and leave me some love!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Purple flowers, Black suits and Lace... {Mt Isa Wedding Photography}

All these things have the makings of a royal affair, an regal event, a day to cherish...and that's exactly how it was for Amanda & Adrian and for all who shared in their special day...

The colours...


The details...


The friendships...


And of course their love...



What more could you want on your special day???

I'll try and share again soon but for now have a great weekend! =)

Talk about funky! {Mt Isa Family & Children Photography}

These guys really put the FUN in funky, they were dressed to impress and boy can they work it!


Mum and dad don't scrub up too bad either check it out, Peggy you are stunning!!


All in all not a bad Friday afternoon's work right? We all survived the cold and wouldn't you say it was worth it for a moment like this...


Hope you enjoy your sneak peek, I'll be in touch soon with your gallery details :)

Have you noticed a few changes?

So you've probably worked out that Memories by Carol has undergone a bit of a makeover and a name change, I am now Carolina Gonzalez Photography. The name change has been a long time coming and I hope you can appreciate the change of scenery and hopefully you'll come along with me on this new journey :)
The new name also means the website has a new address but it is still the same site so here's the new one to bookmark: the old address will still be valid for a short time to give you (and me) time to adjust :)

Please bear with me as i make all these changes, there's a fair bit of behind the scenes work that is still taking place including new collections and products coming for my new and existing clients so please be patient and keep watching this space.

In the meantime stay tuned for a couple of sneak peeks coming up shortly!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Family Times... {Mt Isa Family & Children's Photographer)

Meet Robert and Melissa, and their two remaining kids at home...

these beautiful people are our pastors so i see them every week, week in and week out in fact LOL! The great thing is that we're always learning new things about other people and it wasn't until we had some time outside of our norm that i got to see what their family dynamics are like, how they interact and what makes them unique as a family.

Robert likes to make his family laugh and Melissa his perfect companion likes to laugh at him- i mean with him- and together they work harmoniously and totally compliment each other...


and the kids well they probably don't work as harmoniously together as mum and dad do but today they were both obliging to me...


Under the threat of smooches from Mum he even smiles for me...


And well... this Miss is just gorgeous in her own right!


So thank you Robert & Melissa for letting me capture your beautiful family, i hope you enjoyed your sneak peek and i'll see you again real soon... I do have to share my favourites for the day first though, i think they'll make you smile too ^_^


Perfect Day...{Mt Isa Wedding and Engagement Photographer}

I thought it was time to show you the more important details of the sneak peek i posted a few days ago, the actual day this gorgeous couple professed their love for each other. It was truly a perfect day...

A long time ago Peter and Katrina were introduced by Peter's sister, they made each other laugh and maintained a friendship held together by the humble telephone and the promise of what might be... Well that promise came to fruition on this day.

Peter and Katrina chose to see each other for a 'first look' in a private room before we took off with the rest of the bridal party for some photos and i was privileged to capture them with no one looking...



After these special moments we escaped to do some more 'formal' shots with the rest of the bridal party....

Peter was beaming...





Katrina you are stunning!



We then had to get on with the legalities of the day...



And as always i like share my favourite capture of the day did i tell you this day was perfect? you be the judge...


Thanks for letting me share in your beautiful day Peter and Katrina, it was truly perfect! You'll be hearing from me soon :)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Today it's Mothers Day... {Mt Isa Family, Children and Baby Photography}

So Happy Mother's Day to all of you doing the hardest job of all and doing it with joy and a smile on your faces most of the time ;-)

So on this day it just so happens I have a sneak peek here for one such special mum and i thought what better way to celebrate Mum's day than with a cute pink sneak peek?

Six and and half months of pure cuteness!


All rolled into this ^_^

8616 copy

Now about those Mother's Day wishes, they also go out to all the Grandmothers out there too, they get double the blessings!!

8700 copy

Thanks for letting me play with gorgeous little Miss 'K' Amy and for your raspberry blowing skills Anna and many thanks for the cuppies too. Happy FIRST Mother's Day AMY and (Grand)MOTHER'S Day to you Anna!!

Your gallery will be ready soon :)